Competition Winners 2016

We are pleased to announce the following winners from the 3rd National Telephonists’ Day held on Thursday 10th March 2016:

The winning entry for the Telephone Themed Poetry Competition, and winning two tickets to see Romeo & Juliet at an Open Air Shakespeare Festival on 1st July in Windsor, is Anne- Marie Jowitt from Addleshaw Goddard with the following poem:

National Telephonist Day 

Well here we are another year with this
dam headset stuck in me ear!
Telephonist Day, a day to be remembered
When people show respect for the work that we do.
We will throw a party and have some fun
playing games with everyone.
Mark from Rapport is due to come
with Cathy from Portico, we’ll definitely have some fun!
Fun and laughter will be heard
but still the calls on the switchboard have to be served.
This year we decided to have some extra fun
with an Hawaiian theme for everyone!
The tongue twister games
Well what can I say
Trying to speak in a ridiculous way!
Our face book entries will be a laugh
Photos to be seen by all who are so keen to celebrate this
Our Wondrous Telephonist day!

The Funniest Telephone Call Story winning a Bottle of Champagne goes to Kelly Mason from KPMG with the following scenario:

“In my previous job my colleague rang me to say my mum was on the line and she had made me dinner and was asking when I’d be home – when the call connected I said “what’s for dinner then?” and it was silent!? So I said “hello? Mum?” and to my shock a lady replied saying I had the wrong person…she was a customer!!!!!! ~But thankfully she saw the humorous side and said the same thing had happened to her a few weeks ago! And my mum had been put through to the main floor and was waiting on hold! Lesson learnt….always pick up with a greeting.”

The Most liked Tongue-Twister sound bite winning a Luxury Chocolate Hamper for their team goes to Societe Generale for their group tongue twister! Listen and watch here!

Thank you to everyone who took part and please do visit the Facebook page to see all the entries! Its never too early to start practising for 2017!

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