Competition Winners 2015

We are pleased to announce the following winners from the second National Telephonists’ Day held on Tuesday 10th March 2015.

The winning entry for the Poetry Competition, and winning two tickets to the ComXo Open Air Shakespeare Festival with Prosecco and Chocolates, is Markus S from Rapport with the following poem:

A call for INTERNATIONAL Telephonist’ Day

A NATIONAL day? That seems so last year
Today should be global, for all, far and near
Rapport and the world are here to rejoice
Our talented people and their beautiful voice

Our switchboard ambassadors are handpicked and rare
Their smiles can be heard when speaking ‘on air’
With skill, wit and patience they hit the right tone
When charming our callers at the end of the phone

The device our teams use, each day without scare
Is a wonder of science, a creation extraordinaire
Mr Bell was the genius who discovered one day
How to speak through a wire to folks far away

He invented a method that allowed his own voice
To be heard the world over, in a place of his choice
What used to be magic, science fiction or mystery
Was made real by Sir Bell, on a great day in history

The 10th day in March was the day it occurred
The dawn of an era, a triumph of the spoken word
Since those early days, the telephone’s conquered
The nation, the world and the sky, it is bonkers!

Let’s remember the man whose invention made way
For what should become an INTERNATIONAL day
Thank you Mr Bell, you’re a hero with brain
Today is for you, bring on the champagne!


The Funniest Telephone Call Story and winning a Bottle of Champagne goes to Nathelie S from Rapport with the following scenario:

“On a very busy day I was finalising the details for an event. After speaking to the banker three times, when I said thank you goodbye,

I also added ‘I LOVE YOU’ at the end of the call.

There was a pause and he replied ’I LOVE YOU TOO’”


And finally the winner of the Tongue Twister challenge is: Irena from Rapport, who won a Chocolate Hamper for her team. Listen here to her entry.


Many Congratulations!!!

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