National Telephonists’ Day Slogan

Your challenge is to write a slogan in 20 words or less that tells the world what National Telephonists’ Day is all about. Take into consideration everything they do behind the scenes. Make it current, and think about how their role has changed and adapted over the year. What does it mean to be a telephonist in this ever-changing world? Let your creativity run wild.

Competition opens Friday 3rd March and closes Friday 17th March! Winners will be announced on Wednesday 22nd March on our NTD Facebook and Instagram pages.

To enter the competition, please send through your design to

Last year’s competition was to design the new NTD mascot. Congratulations to Nicola who won!

Owls represent wisdom, knowledge, change, transformation, intuitive development, and trusting. Can you come up with a slogan to go with our owl?

The winner will receive a hamper full of sumptuous treats and nibbles.

Dish of the Day

Bake or cook something to represent National Telephonists’ Day. Introduce the world to your favourite dish, bake us a beautiful cake, make something that has been passed down in your family for generations, or create something brand new! Give your creation a name, photograph it, and share it with us.

To enter the competition, please send through your design to

The winner will receive a £50 Amazon voucher.

Just for fun…

  • Send us a photo of your home office: Show us how you’ve set up your workspace at home. The more innovative, the better!
  • Telephone Quiz: How many songs can you name that are related to telephones? Challenge your teams to come up with the most songs.
  • Telephonists have Talent! Ask your teams to share a special skill they have and organise a talent show on the day.
  • Bake Off: Set a cake making challenge for everyone in your team. The winner could be selected on a team Zoom call (where each attendee can enjoy their cake!)
  • Telephonists are Superheroes: Send a message, an email, a thank you card to your Telephonists thanking them for what they personally bring to your organisation (their superpower) and show them how much they are appreciated.
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