National Telephonists' Day – 10th March 2020



Take part on Facebook and win lots of prizes for your team to share:

The following games will be run from 8th to 10th March and the winning entries will be selected by Rapport and ComXo:

To celebrate the initiative, Rapport and ComXo are planning activities via the dedicated website, that is open to all.  This includes a ‘What does the Future of Telephone Communication look like?’ competition and an onsite Bake Off competition with fantastic prizes to be won.

The Future of Telephone Communications – PRIZE: Afternoon Tea for Two

The telephone has evolved and changed beyond recognition since Sir Alexander Graham Bells’ inaugural phone call over 140 years ago.  What will telephone communication devises look like in 25 years’ time?  Send your thoughts and ideas, with pictures or sketches to for consideration. Greg Mace from Rapport will adjudicate this competition and some of the best entries will be uploaded to Facebook.

Competition opens at 9am on Friday 8th March and closes at 5pm on Sunday 10th March. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 13th March and will receive a voucher for Afternoon Tea for Two. 

Telephone Themed Bake Off – PRIZE: Chocolate Hamper

Create a telephone-themed celebration cake for National Telephonists’ Day.  As well as looking good, your cake should taste good too! Use your imagination and tie in the NTD theme to come up with something creative!

Please email images to

Competition opens at 9am on Friday 8th March and closes at 5pm on Sunday 10th March.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday 12th March by email, and will be sent a Green and Blacks Chocolate Lover’s Hamper! 

Just for fun…8th to 10th March 2019

  • Team Photograph/ video – Why not dress up for the day and take a photograph or video of your team. Upload to com/Nationaltelephonistsday
  • Secret Telephonist – Like secret santa but held in March! Place everyone’s name in a hat and ask your team to pick a name out. They then purchase a small gift for that person for them to open on the day.
  • Telephone Quiz – How many songs can you name that are related to telephones?   Challenge your teams to come up with the most songs!

Ask other parts of your business to support your team on Facebook on the day. This will help to raise awareness for each other and create team spirit.

Take part on Facebook – upload photos and let us know what activities you are taking part in on the day:

Important Notice: HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY!

UK's leading provider of high quality front and back of house Guest Services. Providing in-house telephony services on receptions, switchboards and other call services for a range of blue chip clients who have chosen to outsource this business critical area.

Greg Mace, Managing Director of Rapport

“Our telephonists are often our guests’ first point of contact with our clients’ organisations and we appreciate how hard they work to ensure that they make a brilliant first impression. Launching National Telephonists’ Day was a chance for us to celebrate the great work they do and to raise their profile within our operations. We hope that every single telephonist who takes part will feel proud about the important job they do."
ComXo are the voice of 200+ professional service firms across the City of London and beyond. Experts in delivering an exceptional client experience at the first point of contact, 24seven365 and multi-lingual. Skilled operators assisted by world-class technology provide bespoke switchboard services, fit for the 21st Century global law firm. With more than 40 top 100 law firms among their clients, and relationships stretching back 15 years, they have developed in-depth knowledge of the legal sector.

Andrew Try, Managing Director of ComXo

“Telephonists are the unsung brand guardians for thousands of businesses up and down the country.  Our customers use us because they know that their brands first impression is often a defining moment of a new business relationship that must reflect exceptional service and trust. This day is a chance for us to bring the uniquely challenging nature of the professional Telephonists skills and responsibilities to the fore and celebrate it.”
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