Teamwork makes the dream work!

“Recently we have had to cease our reception services and room reservations due to lockdown. However, we could not consider shutting down our switchboard operation as the call volumes continued to be high.  Between Amy, Pat, Jemma, Jodi, Susan and Sian, they organised a rotation system so that they could continue to take switchboard calls and support one anther during this difficult time. But that was not all – a few weeks into lockdown, we had to find a way for the team to transition working from home. This was going to be a big challenge, as the switchboard function is technically complex, but the team rose to the challenge. Amy, who manages the operation, liaised with IT and business support to arrange the technical set-up for the team – making sure they had access to all the systems and obtaining special keyboard and head sets. She also made sure that everyone was fully trained so they could successfully operate these systems at home. This was no small feat but was achieved in just over a week and has been functioning successfully since! Our clients couldn’t believe that this had been organised in such a short space of time. The way we are working may have changed, but we will still carry on providing the same great service and this makes me so proud to be a part of this fantastic team. These ladies have shown that you do not need to be physically together to come together. Thank you for all the work you continue to do behind the scenes.”

Neseta to the rescue!

“Due to the pandemic, the size of our team has been significantly reduced, but this has not stopped Neseta and the team from providing fantastic customer service. During one particularly tough day we experienced an IT issue that could not be resolved.  Neseta managed to take every single call and even offered to stay an extra hour, just to make sure the phone lines would be covered. We can always count on Neseta. She is so lovely to be around and is our ray of sunshine. Thank you Neseta for all you do.”

All in a Day’s Work

“Mariana has been part of the team for almost a year, but half of this time has been spent during the pandemic, but this has not deterred Mariana from doing amazing work. Mariana supported the team in handling the coordination of car parking bookings for those employees that were required to come back to the office after the first lockdown. Mariana understood the process very quickly and took on real ownership. She even ensured our car park standard operating procedure was updated to ensure the rest of the team could also be trained in the procedure. During a very tough time for everyone, Mariana continues to deliver, be committed to her regular duties, and is willing to take on more responsibility. A HUGE thank you Mariana for your continuous support, your initiative and the adaptability you have shown during difficult times.”

This Looks Like a Job For…

“Khermony is the main point of contact with the IT team to ensure we have all the equipment we need to work from home and to provide the same level of service while we are all working remotely. This is the teams first time managing the reception, couriers and switchboard all from home. Khermony has worked incredibly hard to make sure courier bookings are correct and to make sure important documents are arriving on time. One of the managing directors had to send a document to Spain to arrive the next day as it was extremely urgent. Khermony promptly assisted him organising this courier for his client. The whole process was so smoothly organised that the Directors EA emailed to thank him:

Thank you so much for following up for me, this is hugely appreciated. You have been a great help constantly monitoring the updates and finding a service that will still deliver to Spain. Well done Khermony for all you do and for ensuring operations have continued to run efficiently while you are at home.

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