National Telephonists’ Day is celebrated on 10th March each year as this was the date that the very first ever telephone call was made.

Sir Alexander Graham Bell

Sir Alexander Graham Bell (3rd March 1847 – 2nd August 1922) was a renowned scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator. His father, grandfather, and brother had all been associated with work on elocution and speech and both his mother and wife were deaf, which profoundly influenced his life’s work.

He began to experiment with hearing devices and in 1876 created the first US patent for the telephone. On 10th March 1876, he spoke into the device that he had invented and famously said “Mr Watson, come here, I want to see you”.  This became the first crystal-clear, two-way telephone call!

National Telephonists’ Day was an industry first when it was first launched back in 2014.

Teams now come together every year to mark this day in many innovative ways to recognise telephonists in all industries. Here are a few thoughts from some professionals about why this day is important to them, but in particular this year:

My passion for working at the switchboard has grown over the last year, I’ve learned so much about how the business operates. Not only learning the different layers within the company but also learning the technical side of the switchboard. I feel so much more confident that I am now training other members of staff how to work on the switchboard. I am so excited for NTD this year!

Steve, Switchboard Operator, finance/insurance company.

 It’s always nice to receive appreciation and acknowledgement in your job. We understand how important client interactions are over the phone and so making that transition from the office to working from home came with new obstacles. However, it has always been important to us that we do not let our standards slip and we have worked hard to ensure that this is the case. This year National Telephonists’ Day acts as a nice reminder to ourselves to reflect on how well we have done to adapt during these uncertain times and as a team we are proud of our achievement thus far.

Ja’Milla Henry, Receptionist/Switchboard operator

Being a telephonist at the moment is such a crucial role in any company. It’s such an important method of communication these days, especially in our current predicament with everyone in lockdown and working from home; it adds that personal touch to still hear a person’s voice. It makes me appreciate and understand the importance of my role.

Bethany, Call Services Operator, communications company.

Every year we look forward to a National Telephonists’ Day so we can congratulate our wonderful team and acknowledge their hard work.  It is truly amazing to see how they create such a great first impression which is essential for any organisation.

Greta, Guest Services Manager, hospitality business.
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