The eighth annual National Telephonists’ Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 10th March 2021,  with competitions sponsored by Rapport and ComXo running all day on the 10th March.  The date of 10th March is significant as it is the anniversary of the very first telephone call made by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

Last year switchboard and call services teams across the UK organised a vast array of events for their teams. There were personalised t-shirts, telephone shaped cakes, tongue twisters, quizzes and endless tea, coffee and cupcake rounds throughout the day (and night!) to name but a few of the activities on offer!

ComXo MD, Andrew Try worked a 24 hour shift to recognise his teams remarkable efforts, and visited their clients’ own switchboard teams armed with flowers, cakes and small gifts.

As always, Rapport and ComXo teamed up to sponsor competitions and put together innovative activities and surprises to make the day bigger and better than ever. Rapport ran a Happy Desk Top Garden competition where everyone was invited to design their very own by either painting, drawing or collaging a creation. ComXo challenged everyone to create their own telephonist wellness kit. Many telephonists around the UK received wellbeing giftbags that included things like sleep spray, tea and a wellness book.

For more information please email ntd@comxo.com.


“National Telephonists Day is important to me as it is a great way to shine a light on all the good work we do.”
Vivienne Bourne, Call Services Operator, Rapport


“It is good to know that this initiative will help reflect all that we do as a team, primarily trying to deliver a first class service.  I am proud to be a part of the National Telephonists’ Day in March.”

Conrad Olwagen, Call Services Operator, Rapport

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