A special day to shine a light on all professional telephone operators

National Telephonists’ Day is an opportunity to recognise and appreciate the fantastic contribution of professional telephonists across all industries and to promote the importance of their role. They are often the very first point of contact someone has with an organisation and therefore telephonists have a huge responsibility to consistently create the right first impression.

The ninth annual National Telephonists’ Day will be celebrated on March 10 to mark the anniversary of the very first telephone call made by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. The event was first launched back in 2014 by Rapport Guest Services and ComXo and since then has been celebrated by businesses in a wide variety of sectors each year.

Telephonists across the UK & Ireland are working extremely hard to ensure they are on hand to assist all callers – their guests, patients, customers, clients or colleagues. So, every year we invite you to join us in taking the time to appreciate and show our gratitude. There are many ways organisations can take part to recognise the valuable contribution of professional telephonists. We invite you to take part in the national competitions to have the chance to win some fantastic prizes, as well as organising engaging activities for your telephonists. Please have a look at the TAKE PART page for inspiration. We hope you enjoy the day!

For any questions relating to NTD day this year, contact us by emailing nationaltelephonistsday@gmail.com

NTD reminds me to celebrate the fact that I am a problem-solver while staying empathetic and driving world-class services. This is something I’m extremely passionate about and I’m glad there is a special day to celebrate this. In the business world, an executive knows something about everything, a technician knows everything about something, and the telephonist knows everything.

Diana, Call Services Operator, media, marketing and corporate communications company.

NTD is delighted to enjoy the support of the AICR UK which is the network for Front Office Management leaders.

AICR UK represents some of the UKs leading hotels and is always pleased to support National Telephonists’ Day. The switchboard team in any hotel play an incredibly important role and they are often the unsung heroes behind the scenes. During the last year they have risen to the challenge like never before and we are calling on all our members to make sure we celebrate and recognise these teams on this special day.

Nicola Miller, President of AICR UK